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  • Overall rating
    8.0 /10
  • Would shop here again
    7.9 /10
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  • Ease of finding what you’re looking for
    7.8 /10
  • Product selection
    7.7 /10
  • Clarity of product information
    7.3 /10
  • Product availability
    8.4 /10
  • Prices relative to other online retailers
    8.1 /10
  • Design of site
    8.0 /10
  • Shipping charges
    9.1 /10
  • Variety of shipping options
    7.5 /10
  • Charges stated clearly
    9.4 /10
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After order has been received

  • Order tracking
    6.9 /10
  • On time delivery
    7.9 /10
  • Customer support
    7.9 /10
  • Product met expectation
    8.7 /10

Customer reviews for B&Q

  • 10/10 Review by: Woody

    Only downside was delivery date - had hoped for earlier but not the end of the world as have other jobs to do b4 the new sink arrives.

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  • 9/10 Review by: Verified customer

    out of stock in store, with none on order, was not asked if I wanted to order. Kings Lynn store

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  • 10/10 Review by: chou

    only disappointed with the long delivery time

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  • 10/10 Review by: IanG

    website easy to use and free next day delivery is a great option

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  • 8/10 Review by: tombar

    have visited B&Q Chesterfield, Sheffield and Manchester and all were positive experiences.

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  • 9/10 Review by: amber

    Getting information from B&Q was difficult, promise of phone calls that did not happen and stroppy operator did not help. I was not happy with the customer service at Durham branch at all. Eventually I got the information I required and ordered the...

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  • 10/10 Review by: abs

    Really easy transaction this time and with my previous order there was a problem with the mixer tap and B&Q swapped the taps no fuss and even arranged for the faulty one to be collected after the new one had been fitted so my family and I weren't...

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  • 10/10 Review by: jules

    Very good website

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  • 8/10 Review by: Jo

    The product reviews could not be seen on the website.

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  • 5/10 Review by: Grumpy

    Visited the shop at Longwell Green.Looked at the products availiable.Went home to think about options and purchased on-line.Very easy.

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    Just finished decorating my rooms,fire was the icing on the cake.Went to B&Q because Bath is hopeless for large shops and choice and Longwell Green has better parking and is easy to get to.Seen this fire which straight away caught our eye.I ordered...

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