Merchant Ratings FAQ

What is the Shopzilla UK Smiley Scale(™)?

The Shopzilla UK Smiley Scale is a simple and intuitive way to visualise a lot of rigorous research about a store’s capabilities, so shoppers can tell at a glance the good stores from the not-so-good stores when they’re comparison shopping.

How should I use the ratings?

The Smiley Scale, combined with price information, can quickly help you find stores with the level of service quality you like for the price that you want. For instance, if you’re interested in saving money and are not in a hurry to receive your item, then you may choose a store with a lower price, even though it doesn’t have the best On-Time Delivery rating. Whereas, if you are in a hurry to receive your item, you may be willing to spend a little more at a store with an excellent On-Time Delivery rating. The Smiley Scale allows you to choose a store based on what’s important to you.

What does the "Shopzilla UK Certified" seal mean?

A Shopzilla UK Certified store has a proven track record of dependability and customer satisfaction. To become Shopzilla UK Certified, a store must allow Shopzilla UK to place an invitation on its customers’ receipt page asking them to rate their purchase experience. Shopzilla UK then follows that rating up with an email to the customer making sure the goods were delivered satisfactorily and on time. If the store meets the following criteria from these surveys, the store will receive the Shopzilla UK Certified seal.

Must continuously solicit feedback directly from customers via the Shopzilla UK survey. The store must participate in Shopzilla UK’s free customer survey program, allowing Shopzilla UK to collect feedback continuously and directly from its customers as they check out and after the date of fulfillment through follow-up e-mail surveys. This way, Shopzilla UK collects detailed, timely feedback from real verified customers at check-out and after fulfillment and can be sure that all customers are allowed to rate their experience.

Must maintain store ratings of Satisfactory or better on five quality dimensions of service.

  1. Overall rating
  2. Would shop here again
  3. On-time delivery
  4. Customer support
  5. Product met expectation

Must have received at least 20 customer surveys during the ratings period.

Stores cannot buy the Shopzilla UK Certified seal.

What does "Not Yet Rated" mean?

"Not Yet Rated" means that Shopzilla UK is in the process of evaluating the store but has not yet collected enough customer reviews to issue a rating. Shopzilla UK requires a minimum of 20 surveys collected during the ratings period to ensure a statistically significant rating of a store’s performance and not the opinion of just a handful of customers.

As soon as enough valid reviews have been collected, a rating will be calculated and displayed.

What does "Being Re-Rated" mean?

Stores can be re-rated for a variety of reasons, including:

Shopzilla UK has detected a significant amount of suspicious reviews or other unusual activities that make the prior ratings appear unreliable.
The store’s site or operations have undergone significant changes.

Once enough valid reviews have been gathered, a new rating will be calculated and displayed for this store.

What is the number of reviews?

The number of reviews is the lifetime number of individual consumer reviews that Shopzilla UK has collected for a particular store. Shopzilla UK does not consider anything less than 20 reviews collected during the ratings period to be a statistically relevant number and therefore does not post scores for stores below this threshold of reviews. These stores are clearly designated as: "Not Yet Rated".

How are Shopzilla UK’s reviews and ratings gathered?

Shopzilla UK combines consumer feedback from two different sources to create the most comprehensive and reliable store ratings available anywhere.

Shopzilla UK Certified Ratings
Many stores are designated as "Shopzilla UK Certified". These stores have agreed to allow Shopzilla UK to collect feedback directly from their customers as they make purchases. To do this, Shopzilla UK literally sits at the receipt page of tens of millions of transactions each month and invites real customers to share their experiences and give feedback immediately after a purchase. Of course, a transaction is not complete until a customer receives his or her goods, so a follow up e-mail is sent to make sure that the store delivered the goods as promised. This continuous process ensures that Shopzilla UK is able to collect timely, detailed and accurate feedback about both the ordering and fulfillment process of every Shopzilla UK Certified store. No other ratings system comes close!

Shopzilla UK Members Ratings
But isn’t it important to have ratings for every store, not just the ones that participate in the Shopzilla UK Certification program? Yes! That’s why Shopzilla UK has put together a panel of active online shoppers who have volunteered to provide store ratings and reviews. Their reviews allow Shopzilla UK to have reliable and up-to-date ratings for stores who don’t participate in the Shopzilla UK Certification program.

How can I rate an online store?

Every time you make a purchase at an online store look for the Shopzilla UK survey invitation on the receipt page. Simply click on that invitation and you’ll be presented with the Shopzilla UK survey. In it, you’ll be asked to evaluate the store for the purchase you just made. If you do not see a survey invitation on a store’s receipt page, it means that the store is not yet participating in Shopzilla UK’s free Shopzilla UK Certification survey program. Shopzilla UK encourages you to ask the store to join the program and help all online shoppers make more informed, confident decisions.

Where can I see a store’s ratings and read its reviews?

Anywhere that a store is listed on Shopzilla UK, you can click on its Smiley Scale rating or on its "read reviews" link and you will be taken to its Customer Reviews page.

How are Shopzilla UK’s ratings calculated?

Shopzilla UK takes great care to ensure the most rigorous, reliable and up-to-date ratings possible. Accordingly, Shopzilla UK takes the latest feedback from its point-of-sale survey network and combines it with the latest feedback from Shopzilla UK Members to arrive at Store Ratings.

Of course, since store ratings often change over time – Holiday season is not the same as summertime, for instance – time is also a very important element in Shopzilla UK’s calculations. Shopzilla UK only uses data collected during the ratings period when performing the calculations to arrive at a rating. That means that the store ratings on Shopzilla UK are always current!

It should be noted, that while each individual feedback point for all sources is weighed equally in Shopzilla UK’s ratings, the stores participating in the Shopzilla UK Certification program generally have the most reliable ratings because they allow Shopzilla UK to solicit feedback from actual customers immediately after a transaction and through follow-up e-mail surveys after fulfillment, when the experience with a store is freshest. Thus, the Shopzilla UK Certification program truly represents the "gold standard" of customer satisfaction ratings of stores. To find stores in this program look for the "Shopzilla UK Certified" medal on their site or on Shopzilla UK.

How often are store ratings and reviews updated?

Shopzilla UK gathers feedback from customers and updates the store’s ratings and reviews daily.

How does Shopzilla UK stop ratings manipulations and fraud?

Shopzilla UK has been in the business of having the most reliable store ratings on the Web since 1996. Over the years, Shopzilla UK has put in place many ways of detecting and eliminating fraudulent ratings and, while its exact methods can’t be published, you can be confident that Shopzilla UK’s large numbers of reviews from a variety of sources, sophisticated consistency-checking algorithms, and powerful analytic tools and systems guarantee that Shopzilla UK is the leader in ratings fraud detection.

Many sites have store ratings, what’s the big deal about Shopzilla UK’s?

Shopzilla UK is the only comparison shopping company with ratings as a focus. Thus, its methodology, sampling techniques and comprehensiveness of sources are unsurpassed. And with the colourful Smiley Scale, Shopzilla UK’s ratings are extremely intuitive and easy to use too. It’s no wonder that Shopzilla UK is the company that the press and respected organisations look to when trying to assess online store quality.

Do stores pay to be listed in the Store Ratings section?

No. To maintain the highest possible levels of objectivity and independence in its ratings, Shopzilla UK does not charge stores for evaluation or listing on the Shopzilla UK website. Shopzilla UK is dedicated to providing shoppers with unbiased information to make more informed and confident online buying decisions.

What do Shopzilla UK Certified stores receive for participating in the program?

Shopzilla UK Certified stores receive a "Shopzilla UK Certified" medal for display on their site and an acknowledgement on the Shopzilla UK and Shopzilla websites — showing their participation in the Web’s most rigorous monitoring program, and signifying that they care about providing a satisfactory customer experience. Additionally, all participants in Shopzilla UK’s point-of-sale survey program receive free real-time research based on survey results to help them to better serve their customers’ needs.

To learn more about Shopzilla UK’s FREE Shopzilla UK Certification program, contact us.

What stores are eligible to be Shopzilla UK Certified?

Any online store can apply to participate in the free Shopzilla UK Customer Certification Program as long as the store:

To learn more about Shopzilla UK’s FREE Shopzilla UK Certification program, contact us.

How can I join Shopzilla UK’s online research panel?

To ensure the high integrity of Shopzilla UK’s data, all members of the Shopzilla UK research panel are required to be online buyers. Online buyers are given the opportunity to join the Shopzilla UK Online Research Panel after they’ve completed one of the Shopzilla UK surveys. To join, simply fill out a survey following your next purchase from a Shopzilla UK Certified store and click on the panel information tickbox. More information will be sent directly to you via email.